Camo Facts

WWI – Early Camo

After a crushing defeat at the hands of the Germans in 1915, the French Army re-considered their use of garish white gloves and red pants. The limited range of historic weaponry meant military uniforms could be brightly colored and intricate — whether as a show of status or to demoralize the enemy. For the first time, the use of long-range weapons necessitated concealment in the field, and the newly commissioned Section de Camouflage was tasked with creating stealthier options for military dress.

A French FT-17 tank in painted camo.

Their efforts produced the first hand-painted camo uniforms, worn by snipers and reconnaissance units operating on the front lines. Vehicles and positions needed concealment, too, and soon, vehicles were painted in contrasting colors to break up their outline.

While these early designs were never mass produced, they set the stage for the future of camo in battle.   via

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