Crockett, TexasEarl’s Apparel Group – Since 1972

Earl’s Apparel Group, founded on the principles of hard work, high quality, comfortable and durable garments, all “Made in the USA”.

From farm boy to business owner, the history of Earl Beard is an inspiration for “The American Dream”

1960’s – Earl Beard started working for Allee Work Clothes, hired at $1.00 an hour, eventually working his way up the ranks to become manager.  After turnover of company owners, Earl was given two options, either severance pay or buy company stock to remain with the company.  Earl chose to leave the company with 3 months’ severance pay.  This life changing decision was pivotal and the start to what Earl’s Apparel Group is today.

After leaving Allee’s, Earl and Nelda (work associate) started out with a rented building, a handful of sewing machines and a contract with a California company called Pacific Playtogs.  Earl’s wife, Billie Jean was a school teacher, she took out her retirement to use for the business and home expenses until the business became profitable, then came Brooklyn Overalls.

1970’s – Brooklyn Overalls were Colored carpenter pants and overalls, they were all the rage in the 70’s and so popular that Earl opened another facility in Trinity, Texas…eventually making not only overalls, but pants and fatigues.

1980’s – By this time, the children, Larry, Garry, Jeanne and Stanley were out of school and taking part in the family business. The movie Urban Cowboy days were in full swing, Earl and his family, business partners made 14oz. western style denim jeans and vest with the “Dillo” brand and kids clothes “lil’ Dillo, sold in Western Wear Stores across the US.  During this time Earl bought 5 acres in Crockett, Texas and built his own building, with air conditioning!   The “Stan Ray” brand is created, named after Earl’s youngest son, Stanley Ray Beard.  “Gung Ho” Brand is acquired, began making popular commercial military style items.  Invited to the MAGIC SHOW in Las Vegas, thus began international distribution.

2017 – After 40 + years, the Stan Ray brand remains true to its original roots, providing well-made quality men’s fashion and utility clothing.  Stan Ray can be found in Europe and the US market.  When you purchase Stan Ray, you purchase a piece of history.

For the love of God and Country

We take pride in supporting American Workers, USA made products and having less of a big corporate footprint.  We’ve built our business on our deep love for our country, family, and our brothers and sisters in Christ.  From our trim and fabric providers, family, employees, buyers from stores to the consumers, the Stan Ray network is something worth being a part of.